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take a chance.

sometimes, you have to let go of your past & move forward. let go & take a chance. who knows? it might surprise you ;)


I was told once that complacency is the downfall to motivation. And I think it’s true. We get lulled into a false sense of security with our surroundings that we choose to stay where we are. The desire for more is gone. I suppose this leads back to the “be happy with what you have” saying but I wonder who created that saying? Could it be those who couldn’t have more? And they convinced themselves that to be happy? Maybe. 

Motivation seems to build on itself. When I go on a treacherously difficult workout, like climbing Koko Head crater, I’m able to do a workout the next day simply coasting on the motivation of the previous day. But if I wait too long, that motivation disappears. 

Sometimes it’s as easy as putting on your shoes.
And going.

Or you’re just going to be someone who’s all dressed up with nowhere to go. 

time to drink champagne & dance on the table

There’s a little something to gain by going all in. It’s usually the hesitation that kills the moment. The brief moment where we emphatically decide in silence that we are scared. We are scared of what is coming whether it be the results of a past interaction of which we are emotionally invested or worse. We are scared.

I look back at the most memorable of times with people from acquaintances to my closest friends. That hesitation isn’t there. Whether it’s the situation or the people present, either way that hesitation isn’t there. I went all in. 

Sometimes that’s the only way we’ll get anywhere. Occasionally that way leads to rejection but if we don’t take the route, it’s inevitable rejection anyway though granted it is a more subtle type. Rejection by a person, a job offer, a university assignment. Anything that we wanted but didn’t get. 

Go all in.
A little champagne
& dancing on the table.

Movie: The Vow

The Vow

It seemed like a good movie plot. The Vow. An unbreakable vow of marriage between two people. A marriage shaken up due to the wife’s irreversible memory loss in a car accident. A husband’s undying love & trust in fate. 

I admit, I chose this film for its sappy love story. I’m a romantic at heart. But with this film, I was disappointed. With the following of Channing Tatum from the love story Dear John & Rachel McAdams from The Notebook…I was swept away by a fanciful possibility of an unbreakable bond between two lovers. While the plot was good, a few daring turns could have made the movie appeal to my cinematic tastes or even to the tearjerker side of myself.

After reading several reviews post-movie, I’m curious about the book. The couple that inspired the movie chose to stay in their marriage due to their devout Christian faith whereas Leo & Paige chose to do so due to fate. Or rather, “moments of impact.”

I suppose it’s true: we are who we are today because of critical moments in our past. Life changing moments. A friend once told me that you cannot change anyone on purpose but only on accident, often due to an even that you had no control over yet purported an unpredictable result on the opposing party. Strange but true.  These moments “change” us whether it be for the better or worse.

Either way, this movie has renewed a slight sense of predictability of the irrationality of love. While it causes two individuals to act irrationally, maybe it is this irrationality that keeps us sane. These change in emotions. These odd behaviors. Doing things that would be against our normal everyday routine. It is this irrationality that evokes change in the individual. 

If we are lucky, we call the individual: our S O U L M A T E. 

" Say what you need to say. "

- It’s as simple as it sounds <3

When going to work is just another party


The average full-time work week:

  • 40 hours 
  • 8 hours per day
  • 5 days a week
  • Mon-Fri

During the work week, a person will spend 1/3 of their life at “work.” The other 1/3 sleeping. And the other 1/3 either getting ready for work, going to work or just some downtime. Thank goodness for the 2 days off.

Work isn’t always fun. But for the most part, it should be. It’s the less-than-fun part of work that separates the A-List from the B-List in the corporate world. The person is willing to do a little more will surpass the ones who don’t. Granted this is in a meritocratic corporate world, not necessarily one dominated by endless nepotism. A little optimism is needed with a spoonful of sugar, if you will.

I suppose I’m at a lucky stage:  The 20s. My main concerns are just to have housing, groceries, & a savings for the big purchases like travel. I don’t have a spouse or kids that depend on me. It’s the best time to start my own business. My risks are minimal. My rewards are great. Sounds good. And if it doesn’t work out, I can chalk it up to “inexperience” to save the bigger part of my pride haha.


Photo Courtesy: acinderellastory

Aloha blogging

A few days ago, I found myself stressed. I live on the beautiful island of Oahu yet I barely have enough time to enjoy it.  I made a list to figure out the biggest time wasters & #1 was FaceBook. As good as it is to be “in-the-know” with what’s going on in everyone’s lives, it also created a sort of fallacy.  Because I “knew” what was going on in certain friends’ lives, I was less likely to go out of my way to hang out with them.  I spent hours online. Online. I didn’t really even notice it. I decided to deactivate it. And get back into blogging.


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Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

Life is short. Stay awake for it.